Vicente Fernandez Announces Retirement

It’s so sad but so true. It came from the man himself. According to the San Antonio Express, Vicente Fernandez said he would retire after tours of Latin America, Spain, and the U.S. Fernandez told “Televisa” that he had decided to leave the stage when a reporter asked him at a press conference if he had ever considered retiring.

He replied, “When I make a decision its final, so I am thinking that this trip to Spain, Central and South America is the last time that I am going to have the opportunity to be thankful for the affection, the presence of the public…” He continued by saying, “But an artist needs to retire with dignity, in the mere moment, and I believe that this year I will take my leave…”

Let’s be real though. We don’t know how long this tour is going to take so the Don of Ranchera music could really be around a lot longer than currently expected.

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