Rodeo Houston: John Legend

It’s that time of year in Houston,TX when everyone and their mother decides its time to head to the wonderful Reliant Stadium off of 610 and Kirby to watch every musician that comes into town. Tonight’s concert was brought to you by the ever entertaining, John Legend. Let me start by saying that although the “sound” was crappy and way more “muddy” than it should’ve been, the moments when Legend sat at the piano and sang alone were the peaks of the show. The band was bad ass and to sound even more like the musician that I am, a solid backbone for a great leader. The horn section really pumped up the crowd and that drummer had great control over keeping everyone in the pocket. To translate for those who have no idea what terminology I’m using: the band was kick ass and added to the amazingness that is John Legend. The horn section was hot and the drummer was tight. (I hope that helped :-D) Oh and I didn’t even mention the keyboard/musical director. There was a part when it was just him and Legend and it was… without a doubt, simply beautiful.

And now on to the musician in question. This is the first time I’ve ever seen John Legend in concert and for one thing, and if this offends you change the station, Mr. Legend has to be by far, more nasty and sexy than I ever thought possible. I mean this as a compliment. You listen to his sweet and sultry voice thinking, that’s a good sweet man there. Then you watch him perform live and all evidence points to the contrary. It was nice to see that even though he sings about “taking it slow” he really will “blow your mind.” (If you’re a fan, you know the songs.)

Including most of his hits from previous albums, “Ordinary People,” “Let’s Get Lifted,” “I Can Change,” “Save room,” and “P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care),” he introduced a few new songs to the audience. One of which really stuck with me called “Dream.” It was the first slow song of the evening and it was unmistakably his style. Another was his new single “Tonight (Best You Ever Had),” which once you listen to it, you’ll understand why I said he’s sexy nasty.

Even now, two hours after the last song “Green Light,” his music is resonating in my ears. Thank you John for a wonderful and beautiful night. Houston loves you. Oh and by the way, you should really keep that cowboy hat. It suits you.


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