Pepsi and Twitter Join Forces

STOP THE PRESSES! Pepsi and Twitter!? It doesn’t sound like a good idea but it’s happening. Let me explain. Pepsi is making a push to their younger clientele with music concerts. What a genius idea Pepsi! (sarcastically said) Basically how it’s gonna happen is this.Twitter is going to provide streaming videos of live music concerts to Pepsi followers . The deal is part of Pepsi’s new global campaign that will also feature a TV ad with Nicki Minaj (that I could honestly do without). No one has yet revealed who is going to be on the list of the many musicians that will be featured on the Twitter summer concert series but we do know that the first concert is supposed to happen in June. Apparently more about this deal is supposed to be “revealed” later this week.

This new marketing push comes from Pepsi’s, yet another attempt, to knock Coca Cola out of the #1 spot. To be frank, the investors of Pepsi are tired of being considered always #2/#3 in the soda business. In 2010 Pepsi lost the #2 spot to Diet Coke according to the industry tracker Beverage Digest.

Will this sudden new campaign really convince people to drink Pepsi? Something’s telling me, it’s a toss-up. But really I’m thinking it’s not gonna be a permanet fix it.


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