Fall Shows Worth The Wait

Now that I’ve actually had the time to sit and watch all the trailers for the new shows gracing us with their presence in the Fall, I’ve managed to make the ultimate opinion and say that CBS is going to kick every other Network TV Stations ASS in the fall. Why? I’ll give you three reasons. Monday nights “Partners,” Tuesday nights “Vegas” and Thursday nights “Elementary.” Out of all 20+ trailers I just watched, these three are the only ones that have me saying, “I NEED TO WATCH THESE SHOWS!” The trailers really do speak for themselves.

As for the rest of the new blood that’s coming into play in the Fall, all networks have potential to have really good shows. Running in a close second behind my top three favorites are “Go On,” “The Mob Doctor,” “Guys with Kids,” and “Last Resort.” “Go On,” brings back Matthew Perry to NBC. If only for him, I’ll be watching just to see what comedy he can bring back to the fans.

“The Mob Doctor” features Jordana Spiro portraying Grace Devlin. This one is interesting considering it’s got a very TNT “Saving Grace” look to it.

“Guys with Kids” looks like a show that I’ll give a little more than a chance to. Featuring Jesse Bradford, Anthony Andrson, and Zach Cregger, these three dads help each other out with raising the kids they love so dearly. Gotta say though, I like the alternate title “DILFs” just a little more!

“Last Resort” draws you in with the high drama of the US government trying to kill off their own soldiers. With Andre Braugher being what seems to be the ringleader, you can’t miss this one.

So, what about the other network stations? Well, let’s just say that there’s not much to sing about concerning them anymore. Especially the ever forgotten and rightly so apparently, CW. It’s sad because I used to LOVE that station but… not anymore. Can you wait for the fall line-up to start? Comment Away!

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