Fall TV 2012 Line-Up!

Well aside from the fact that I haven’t exactly been keeping up with this particular project, I’ve been scouring the news looking for anything interesting that is going on in the industry right now. Instead, I found a bunch of dull stories that could bore you to tears. But I did notice that they’ve finally released the entire Network Fall 2012 Line-Up. Below are extended details.

SUNDAY: ABC 7/6c: America’s Funniest Home Videos 8/7c: Once Upon a Time 9/8c: Revenge 10/9c: 666 Park Avenue

CBS 7/6c: 60 Minutes 8/7c: The Amazing Race 9/8c: The Good Wife 10/9c: The Mentalist

FOX 8/7c Hour: The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers 9/8c Hour: Family Guy and American Dad

NBC Post-Football 7/6c: Dateline NBC 8/7c: Fashion Star 9/8c: The Celebrity Apprentice 10/9c: Do No Harm

MONDAY: ABC 8/7c: Dancing with the Stars 10/9c: Castle

CBS 8/7c Hour: How I Met Your Mother and Partners, 9/8c Hour: 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly, 10/9c:Hawaii Five-0

CW  8/7c Hour: 90210 9/8c Hour: Gossip Girl

FOX 8/7c Hour: Bones 9/8c Hour: The Mob Doctor

NBC 8/7c Hour: The Voice 10/9c Hour: Revolution

TUESDAY: ABC 8/7c: Dancing with the Stars 9/8c Hour: Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 10/9c: Private Practice

CBS 8/7c: NCIS 9/8c: NCIS:LA 10/9c: Vegas

CW 8/7c: Hart of Dixie 9/8c: Emily Owens, M.D.

FOX 8/7c Hour: Raising Hope and Ben and Kate 9/8c Hour: New Girl and The Mindy Project

NBC 8/7c: The Voice 9/8c Hour: Go On and The New Normal 10/9c: Parenthood

WEDNESDAY: ABC 8/7c Hour: The Middle and Suburgatory 9/8c Hour: Modern Family and The Neighbors 10/9c: Nashville

CBS 8/7c: Suvivor 9/8c: Criminal Minds 10/9c: CSI

CW 8/7c: Arrow 9/8c: Supernatural

FOX 8/7c: The X Factor

NBC 8/7c Hour: Animal Practice and Guys with Kids 9/8c: Law &Order: SVU 10/9c: Chicago Fire

THURSDAY: ABC 8/7c: Last Resort 9/8c: Grey’s Anatomy 10/9c: Scandal

CBS 8/7c Hour: The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men 9/8c: Person of Interest 10/9c: Elementary

CW 8/7c: The Vampire Diaries 8/9c: Beauty and the Beast

FOX 7/8c: The X Factor 9/8c: Glee

NBC 8/7c Hour: 30 Rock and Up All Night 9/8c Hour: The Office and Parks and Recreation 10/9c: Rock Center with Brian Williams

FRIDAY: ABC 8/7c: Shark Tank/Last Man Standing 9/8c: Primetime: What Would You Do? 10/9c: 20/20

CBS 8/7c: CSI:NY 9/8c: Made in Jersey 10/9c: Blue Bloods

CW 8/7c: America’s Next Top Model 9/8c: Nikita

FOX 8/7c: Touch 9/8c: Fringe

NBC 8/7c Hour: Whitney and Community 9/8c: Grimm 10/9c: Dateline NBC

One thought on “Fall TV 2012 Line-Up!

  1. One show that’s one of my favorite that was left out of Sunday night Animation Domination is “The Cleveland Show”. I love watching prime time shows on Sunday’s more then any other day, and once I got Dish Hopper I found even more great shows that I’ve been missing out on. A Dish co-worker told me that the Hoppers PrimeTime Anytime feature automatically records customers prime time channels on CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC everyday, and that why I bought the Hopper. After having the Hopper for a couple of weeks I learned that its Auto Hop feature gives me the option to skip my PrimeTime Anytime commercials!

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