Speedy Friday!

I guess this is going to become a trend. There was no news that really came my way until yesterday and I thought, well what’s one more day. Most of everything is pretty typical of the entertainment industry but the funnest stuff comes from the one place I hate talking about: Politics (YUCK!) But here we go:

The Grammys noms will have their live concert special Dec 5th and air on CBS. 90’s female singer Brandy is coming back to bring R&B back into the music world. 98 Degrees is “Definitely” making new music. WHY am I so excited about this? Authorities have amended Natalie Wood’s death certificate. DC Comics has come out saying that Superman and Wonder Woman will become an item. Nickelback’s new Music Video stars Jason Alexander as a barista. A genius decided to write a book describing the raid that killed Bin Laden. It’s not enough that we did it, we have to share with the whole world how we did it. GENIUS idea. And the best for last the Romney and Paul campaign is doing the great job of pissing off plenty of the musicians in the industry. So much so that Dee Snider of Twisted Sister has denounced the campaign. Now that just makes me laugh.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @CEliseMata. And look out for special posts on ographyblog.wordpress.com. Have a safe and fun Friday.


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