Labor Day Friday!

Happy Labor Day weekend friends! Well, well, well. There has been so much going on this week and yea as much as I would love to talk about it all, no lie, I’m just not in the mood. This whole speedy Friday thing seems to be going over well. Not too many complaints have come my way. If you do have a complaint you can either A) write me about it. I always respect anything and everything from my LOYAL readers. OR B) keep your mouth shut and CHANGE the channel. There’s no need to be rude about things. Just keep it real.

Now that that’s taken care of we can move on to the updates for this week. YAY! The Independent American Antitrust Institute has asked the Federal Trade Commission to not let the Universal deal to buy EMI go through. Pink has received death threats from Chris Brown fans… really!?! What LACK of life do these people have?! Christina Aguilera is claiming that her new album is a “rebirth,” a culmination of everything she’s been through. Keith Urban has been officially announced as the third and last American Idol judge. Now that just sounds like… a cry of desperation. The DNC announces it’s entertainment line-up not long after the RNC ended theirs. Lindsay Lohan makes it out of handcuffs again in LA by escaping burglary charges. It almost feels like this has to happen at least one a year. Turns out Steven Spielberg isn’t and wasn’t interested in making a movie based off the book “No Easy Day.” And speaking of the Navy Seal book written on the killing of Bin Laden, apparently there is a detail that doesn’t match up. DUN DUN DUN! And now music videos released this week include: Bob Dylan’s “Duquesne Whistle,” Matchbox Twenty’s “Overjoyed,” One Republic’s “Feel Again,” and Usher’s “Dive.”

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