Stand Up 2012

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.” Tonight the organization broadcasted their annual telethon with information, family videos, and of course celebrities to be the ones that bring all the information to the masses.

The intro was very well put together featuring Matt Damon who stands up for his father and Michael Douglas who stands up for himself, “Cancer’s in for one hell of a fight.” Other celebs that presented this evening were Julia Roberts who stands up for her father who passed away at 42, Seth Rogen for his best friend, Sofia Vergara for herself, Katie Couric for colon cancer, JT for kids, Haley Berry for breast cancer, Samuel L. Jackson for men who don’t like to go to the doctor, he said “We can kick its [cancer] ass so good, it will never come back.” Gwenyth Paltrow stands up for her father who passed away from cancer, Jeremy Renner and Robert Pattinson for lung cancer, and Tom Hanks for melanoma. Performers included Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Coldplay and Tim McGraw who ended the night with the ever so appropriate song “Live Like You Were Dying.”

In a very touching and inspiring way, they also managed to get families affected by different types of cancer to attend. Each of the families having a film retelling their surviving story. A woman with pancreatic cancer, a little boy with neuroblastoma cancer survived it 5 times and is now going into the 4th grade, a 6-year-old with brain cancer since she was months old, a vet cop lung cancer survivor, and an 8 year young woman melanoma survivor. They also showed a tribute video for movie producer and SU2C awareness leader Laura Ziskin.

In June of last year, my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. As the news came to us with all the shock in the world, from then on we spent every day by her side. Then we find out, not only does she have breast cancer but she is amongst a small percentage of women that have what they call a HER2 receptor, an aggressive cancer that grew 2 inches in one year. Now it is a spinal fluid cancer scare, high blood pressure problem and more than a year later and she is 1 month away from her last herceptin treatment. Although she still has a while before she can declare cancer free, she’s got more fight in her than anyone I know. I stand up for my mom, Rose.

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