Love Latinos Month!

That’s right, I said it! It’s Love Latinos Month! I’m renaming it. It sounds so much better than Hispanic Heritage Month. Technically the celebration doesn’t really start until this weekend, Sept 15th, but no one pays much attention to specific dates. No lie, the reason why they picked September is because so many Latin countries declared their independence during the month of September. Actually it’s over a week in September but President Reagan changed it to a month-long celebration in 1988. Really just giving Latinos and everyone else an excuse to have fiestas and pachangas for 30 days instead of 7. The countries included in this celebration are Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile. It may not read like it’s a lot of countries, but I promise it is.

The whole point of this month is for people to recognize contributions of “Hispanic and Latino Americans” to the US as well as celebrating the heritage and culture. This PC excuse to celebrate has really just turned into an excuse for people to eat “Hispanic” food and thank us for the invention of Tequila and Rum. Am I angry about this? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’m damn proud of my Latin ethnicity and definitely think that a month dedicated to loving us is necessary and awesome. Just remember these important tips: Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence day, White Rice and Black Beans are called Cristianos y Moros (Christians and Moors), the worm is full of protein, Plantains are NOT bananas (so don’t try to eat it like one), and NEVER keep a Latino from our food when we’re hungry. It won’t end well.

So during this Hispanic Heritage Month give a Latino some love. We don’t bite unless we’re hungry.

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