The Best of the Best Creatures of the Night

In honor of me just now seeing what David Boreanaz said about “Vampire Dairies” during Comic Con this year, I have decided to run with his awesomely hysterical joke and make it all a bit too close to reality. It wasn’t offensive. In fact, it was really comical. But it reminded me how much the “new” vampire tv shows just don’t hold up to the thrilling days of Dark Shadows, Interview With A Vampire, Buffy and Angel. So I put this fun list together of MY top 10 Vampires. I’ll tell you now, NO ONE from “Vampire Diaries” OR “Twilight” is on this list. Well with one exception. With that said, I hope this brings a little bite to your day. ENJOY!

10. Aaliyah as Queen Akasha in Queen of the Damned– her walk alone made me want to run for the hills. When I first saw this movie, I was completely surprised at both her 10-15 minutes on-screen and the fact that she did so well. Who woulda thought Aaliyah could sing and act? Even by the end of the movie when she dies, you don’t wanna mess with her.

9. Wesley Snipes as Blade in Blade– For everybody that has ever seen this movie knows that it was a BIG deal back in the day. Up until this point, there was no such thing as a DAY WALKER! Most people didn’t even realize that he was a vampire until they saw his eyes. And he skills with that sword… BAD ASS!

8. Peta Wilson as Mina Harker in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen– For all those hating on this movie, you need to go sit down somewhere! This is such an under appreciated piece of entertainment. And to this day, not only does her vocal quality add to her insanity, but her physical gestures and body movements made Mina come to life. That final fight with Dorian Gray will go down in history. Only a woman scorned could kill a man like that.

7. Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John in Moonlight– Vampire gone Private Eye? WHAT!??! This guy embodies all three of the following: Sexy, Salutary, and Savvy. He’s a vampire that never wanted to be a vampire. After being driven by crazy lust and desire for the woman who turned him, he now has a chance to live a life of sanity. Yea there was the typical vampire falling for a human storyline BUT it was definitely had it’s twists and turns to keep things interesting. Favorite moment, when he makes himself and Josef watch the vampire couple get executed. Genius…

6. Dakota Fanning as Jane in The Twilight Saga– This girl is the only exception to my earlier statement regarding Twilight and for a good reason. Is she a boring, so in “love” I can’t live without you, emo hair in the face sparkling vampire? NO! She kicks ass and takes names… literally. LOVE HER! Just look at those blood-shot RED eyes! Talk about the look of death. You can’t go wrong watching her during the series. What a breath of “fresh” air.

5. Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with a VampireMy very first thought every time I think of Cruise in this movie is EW for one simple reason. The scene where he comes back from the dead and he’s playing the piano… absolutely revolting. Most disgusting picture that will freak me out until I’m old and gray. However, I also LOVE the very last scene of the movie in the car. What a great actor he was to play such a great role. He will always be Lestat in my eyes. And I have yet to see anyone do it better.

4. Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with a Vampire– Oh… from the very beginning of the movie you can’t help but fall in love with those beautiful crystal eyes. His absolute hatred for being a vampire is almost enduring and slightly annoying  by the end of the movie. The best news ever is his on-screen chemistry with “daughter” role Claudia. They made an excellent father daughter pair. Favorite moment, the very beginning when Christian Slater first arrives at the apartment. Dwelling in the shadows, in the dark corners… perfect!

3. Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman in True Blood– WOW!… I gotta fan myself for this one. His height alone makes him the perfect example of what a vampires physique should be. When we first met him, he was long blonde hair and a smile that could stop you in your tracks, now the only difference is the length of his hair. He has a demanding presence that is practically a requirement for the character and has rightfully earned this number 3 spot. It’s all about dialogue and delivery and Eric Northman has that down in spades.

2.David Boreanaz as Angel/Angelus in Angel– He struggles with having a soul, he tries to be a champion every day, his friends are on constant watch for him to change, and his world is falling apart before his very eyes… NOW THAT’S SYFY TV PEOPLE! This isn’t cheating and no I didn’t make him number 2 because he gave me the idea. Honestly, every time I watch Angel or Angelus I can’t pull my eyes away from the screen. His presence automatically screams for a demand to be held on to. His constant struggle with finding a way to live in the human world was a storyline that evolved so beautifully that he ends up with a kid! You can’t get more “normal” than a human son. I will say that as Angelus, the writers came up with some one liners no one will ever forget. One of my favorite being, “The more you piss me off, the longer I’ll keep you alive.” Still gives me chills.

1. Kirsten Dunst as Claudia in Interview with a Vampire– WOAH! Let me first say that this GIRL was 12 years old when  she played this role, a young girl turned vampire before death and as she aged noticed the difference in her mind but not in her body. That constant struggle of growing more and more mature but not in fact maturing was COMPLETELY visible on-screen and man oh man… when she kills Tom Cruise, I never thought I’d ever see her do something like that again. And I still haven’t. What a strong little B*@I# she was at such a young age. Blows my mind to this day. And as you can see from the photo on the right, she had that certain manner and mischievousness about her that just made you watch her every move.

Runners Up:
Antonio Banderas as Armand – sexy with that long black hair. The scene during the play has to be the most terrifying and terrific part EVER!
James Marsters as Spike – what a softy this one turns out to be in the end. I loved Spike as the bad ass more than the little bleach blonde puppy dog begging all the time. William the Bloody is the best title ever!
Juliet Landau as Drusilla – I swear she blew my mind every time she was on-screen. I don’t know how she pulled off the psycho bipolar I hear voices all day vampire but she did it soooo well.
Julie Benz as Darla – she’s strong, she’s bad, she comes back from the dead, she gets PREGNANT! The first time ever in Vampire history and then she kills herself so her child can live… I will ALWAYS love to hate her.
Jason Dohring as Josef Kostan – His delivery, his dialogue, classic one liners and wow did he ever kill me with that hungry smile. He was never someone you wanted to piss off.

So am I right or am I right? Comment Away!

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