Happy Friday! Sept. 21st Edition

Happy Friday my beautiful lovingly awesome readers! Yea, I’m kissing your ass but it’s only because I love you all so much. 😀 Did you know that today is International Day of Peace? I only ask because I had no idea until earlier this morning. Of course it is also World Gratitude Day and Miniature Golf Day so goes to show you what I know. In hopes of keeping today’s news short sweet and to the point, (too late) I have the stories that everyone is just dying to read about.

Randy Newman writes a satiric masterpiece called “I’m Dreaming,” containing the hook, “I’m dreaming of a white president.” You have to read the whole thing to really appreciate the sarcasm. Friends of the late Marvin Hamlisch got together this past Tuesday to celebrate this great man’s life contributions to the music industry. Of course Barbra was behind the whole thing. Shakira is pregnant! And this of course has caused her to drop out of the iHeartRadio Music Festival. I don’t blame her. No one wants to give birth in the middle of a song. E! Entertainment is doing a Special on No Doubt that will Premiere Sept 24th at 9p.m. ET/PT. The whole crew is included in the special talking about No Doubt from beginning to now. Europe and America have approved of the Universal Music Group buy out of music company EMI! I know, usually I write a whole thing on just this but to be honest, I was gettin’ kinda tired waiting for this to happen. Sony has started to auction off Virgin Music’s song catalog. Great… here we go again. PBS has a new season for a music series called “Live From the Artists Den.” The artists for the season are Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright, the Wallflowers and Mayer Hawthorne. Gotta love it! Finally Last AND Least, the Republican candidate basically said that 47% of Americans are free loaders. I am loud and PROUD to say that I AM A FREE LOADER. Besides me, just about every person in the country is lashing out at this candidate for talking out of his ass. Ah what a great country we live in, where close to half of the people are free loaders. Only in America. Oh wait! I forgot one! BONES season premiere was this week. The write-up and review is also on the home page. Go check it out and VOTE on the Poll!

Regards of your excitement over any of this news, comment away. Let me know what news matters to you and what you want to know more about! And make sure you Follow me on Twitter @CEliseMata.

One thought on “Happy Friday! Sept. 21st Edition

  1. 1) I shall read the I’m dreaming thing.. sounds interesting…
    2) I didn’t even know Shakira was married/had a boo/anything. But yay for her!
    3) UMG bought EMI huh… EMI has been a mess for years anyway. Congrats to UMG, I guess.
    4) “Live From the Artists Den” seems cool, I’d especially be interested in seeing Nora.
    5) Mitt might as well go sit inside and forget about this whole presidential election. His new slogan, “I’m the president for 100% of America,” is clearly a desperate ploy to try and pry his foot from his mouth.


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