“Go On” Not Just for the Crazies

Matthew Perry is back on NBC since the departure of “Friends” back in 2004 and be brings with him some friends that might not be everyones cup of tea but definitely pack a punch. Yes they are a little out there in some places but they have their own special moments that kinda make them the funniest of all the crazies.

Now join me friends in a circle of truth… Even saying that makes me laugh. So “Go On”… After watching for the past month, I gotta say, there’s something crazy lovable about this show. Every episode is full of moments both touching and comical. Let me also say that since watching the very first episode, every time I’ve seen someone on their phone while driving, I’ve wanted to throw fruit at their windshield to make them stop. Although I’ve also thought that maybe eggs would work way better in this situation (this is just a thought; please don’t try this at home). There are moments that you think “wow this can’t recover from all the sadness” and then Matt Perry says something like, “WAIT! WHAT’S THE iTUNES PASSWORD!?”

What else is there to say? This IS a ensemble show. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. You act like I’m here to educate… Just kidding. It means that it’s NOT just about Matt Perry. It’s about everyone. My favorite for some reason being “the cat lady.” Yes, it centers around the idea that MP’s wife dies and he ends up having to go to an support group but the mini-stories in between make it more than worth your while. It’s full of sarcasm and comedy and hope and all the wonderful aspects of writing we enjoy out of a 30 minute sitcom. If you don’t like this show… keep it to yourself. No one likes a pessimist.

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