Packer Domination In Texans Territory

All I have to say about this game is one really big thing: WHAT THE @%#! HAPPENED TO THE @*&#@%^ HOUSTON TEXANS!?! You were the favorite to win this game. You had home field advantage. JUST when WE finally start to get a glimmer of RESPECT from the NFL y’all had to go and &#%! it all UP. I realize, yes, teams have their off days, teams have problems playing on national television, coaches occasionally have NO IDEA what the HELL they’re doing but the score really says it all: 42-24. Talk about a ass whoopin’. Did we have a dyslexic moment offense? It got so bad that by half time I couldn’t sit through it anymore. Thank the Lord for CBS. But Oh No… Wait there was a glimmer of hope for all of 2 minutes in the 3rd. Then, Matt Schaub, sporting the number 8, suddenly turned into DAVID &T$@^!% CARR. Isn’t he supposed to be warming the bench over in New York somewhere? Then, instead of fighting for more points on the board, they blatantly give up and put in the second stringers. Of course, “we don’t want any more of our first stringers to get hurt.” When you’re first stringers are playing like *#^% they deserve to get hurt coach!

*Oooohhhhmmmm* (sitting in lotus position). Now that I got that off my chest, there’s really only one question left. Can the Texans still go to the Super Bowl? The answer: HELL YEA! However, they have to take their heads out of their asses and STOP playing conservative football. And I say that with all the love in my heart. Once they’ve realized that, they can make it and win. I hope that this loss gives them the kick in the butt they need to work out their stupid predictable plays this week. They’ve got to start working on better offensive and stronger defensive plays. When they do that, they will be unstoppable. And maybe that little bit of respect they got from the NFL before tonight will return with a little more oomph. Let’s go beat the Ravens!

With all my love, – Your Biggest, most consistent, Cardiac Kid Fan


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