“The Good Wife” talks Standards and Practices

Anatomy of a JokeWoah buddy! So I’m sitting here watching this episode of The Good Wife on the edge of my seat. The whole thing is that Christina Ricci’s character is a comedian that goes on late night TV and exposes her breasts to discuss breast cancer examination. Of course the “network” has a heart attack because it aired at 8p.m. PST and she ends up being sued for so called “indecency and vulgar” behavior. With the genius that is CBS, every time they talked about her “vulgar” language heavy traffic noises drowned out what they were saying. BRILLIANT! And it wasn’t just once that they used this hysterical technique, it was several times throughout the show. This, of course, only adds to the many reasons why I LOVE CBS.

Back to the point, during the show they used the words “breast” and “penis” more than a hand full of times. This made me laugh, not in an “I’m immature” way but more like a “this is completely ironic” kind of way. An episode about being vulgar and indecency and they used words like breast and penis throughout the hour. Words that people don’t say on TV because we live in a world based off of beating around the bush and being PC (no pun intended). Her defense was that she was talking serious about breast cancer and making this appearance  memorable to all women watching; to help women realize the importance of information. And on the back burner they have the “Cable can do it but Network can’t” argument. Then the Parents Against Indecency come into play and annoy the crap out of everyone watching. When do those people not make problems for smart TV?

I may be biased but I wish there was a woman strong enough to go on national TV and do that to help educate women on the subject matter. By the end of the episode all I could think was, these writers are smart asses and the network couldn’t have pushed a knife into the side of the FCC any better. I’d tell you how it ends but that would be rude and “vulgar” of me. Why do that? I will say that the episode is more than worth the watch. Also, I gotta say I can only hope for the day that words like “vulgar” and “indecency” will disappear from Networks Standards and Practices.

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