The Sexiest Man Alive

Would it be wrong of me to say I was slightly disappointed in this decision??? Okay, okay. Yes, Channing Tatum was… like woah in “Magic Mike” and yea, he’s got his moments of ridiculously sexy appearances, but really? Nothing against him, seriously. He is attractive, he can definitely get any straight woman’s blood pumpin’ but can you really say that he is the sexiest man alive? I think what’s killin’ me the most is the “alive” part of this title. For some reason, I’m coming up with a list of men that seem more like possible candidates.

For example: Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Leonard DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Alex O’Loughlin, Gerard Butler, Blair Underwood, Shemar Moore, Taye Diggs, Joe Magliano, Apolo Ohno, Tim McGraw, Vin Diesel, William Levy, Antonio Banderas, Andy Garcia, Simon Baker, Adam Brody, Joe Mazzello, Patrick Wilson, and David Boreanaz. Really, my list could go on for days but I feel that would be rude in some way shape or form.

But alas, I must bid a big congratulations to the actor simply because, well… he won. And at the end of the day he was voted on fair and square. Here’s what Tatum had to say about his win. “My first thought was, ‘Y’all are messing with me. I told Jenna {wife} after we’d been in the bathtub washing our dogs because they’d gotten skunked. She was like, ‘What?'”

I think the one things for sure. In my dictionary sexiness really is like wine. It only gets better with age.

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