“The Sound of Music”: A Classic that never gets old

The Sound of Music Movie 1965

As many of you know already, NBC has decided to hash out a LIVE broadcast of the broadway version of  “The Sound of Music.” Let me be perfectly clear, everyone involved in this production has said it OVER and over again that this broadcast will NOT be a REMAKE of the movie but simply a broadcast of the broadway musical production. Creative producer Craig Zadan said, “What we want to do, instead, is to give audiences a completely fresh experience of this great Tony Award-winning stage musical in the form of a classic television event, combined with the spontaneity of a live performance.” All actors will be singing live and there won’t be any lip-synching with pre-recordings, according the Zadan. Chairman of NBC Entertainment Robert Greenblatt said, “There used to be a tradition of broadcasting musicals live back in the 1950s and we’re thrilled to do it once again with a musical that has been a family classic for five decades. There is no more talented and creative producing team than Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to bring Rodgers and Hammerstein’s final — and most beloved — collaboration to network television in this groundbreaking live telecast.”

The Sound of Music Broadway Cast 1959

You wouldn’t believe how I am ALL for this new project and bringing back some of the wonderful traditions of the 50’s LIKE broadcasting musicals on tv… HOWEVER, when the first news that hits the stands is the casting of your leading lady, YOU BETTER be sure that that lady will live up to the standards of her predecessors. ESPECIALLY with great names like Mary Martin and Julie Andrews. But no… NBC makes the colossal mistake of casting POP country’s own Carrie Underwood. I have nothing against the woman except for the fact that she just doesn’t have IT to do this role. Not vocally, not technically, NOT NOTHIN’. She is NOT a classical broadway singer, and NO amount of training will get her to be one in less than 1 yr. I would like to tell you that more casting results have been announced but alas, there hasn’t been. But  VH1 Celebrity posted an article that I just FELL in LOVE with. They actually put up their own casting list for the movie and most to ALL of it I agree with. Check it out.  May be you should RETHINK this NBC. If you’re gonna do an R&H musical you should really try something easier like… State Fair! Great show, great music, and I’m pretty sure no one would be upset with the casting list.

And while we’re on the subject, Mail Online reported last week that Julie Andrews has come out candidly stating the she will no longer be able to sing beyond her low bass notes. The good news? She and her voice aren’t leaving the limelight any time soon. She has written and narrated books, been voice-overs in animated movies and directed an adaptation of her own book in the theater. She said she has to find different ways of using her voice. “When one door closes another window opens.”

Will you be watching the live broadcast next year? Let us know!


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