People’s Choice 2013

Wow… okay. I don’t know what that opening was but I feel bad for everyone involved. That was… not… Well then, the best part for this show was the fact that it was honoring Sandra Bullock. The part was music to my ears.

Fav. Com. Mov. Actress: Jennifer Aniston… which surprises the hell out of me because half the people that vote for People’s Choice don’t even know who she is. But I’m happy with this. Country Artist: Taylor Swift… refuse to comment on this. Tim McGraw was the BEST from that list and I can’t wait for TS to disappear forever. Where’s Kanye when you need him. Fav. Band: Maroon 5… no surprise. But if I can make a comment, I would like to say that I approved of everyone on this list. They all deserved this award. Shemar Moore… I could look at you all day, but Alicia… I don’t know what’s going on with this song. I gotta respect the girl for preforming live though.

Ellen wins favorite tv host, Supernatural wins for something I wasn’t playing attention to, Lea Michele wins fav com tv actress… yuck…, Chris Colfer wins fav com tv actor… (I hope everyone knows how bored I am at this point). Fav Com Mov Actor: Adam Sandler… GOD I LOVE THIS MAN! Thank you for making a good choice people. Favorite list has be the best speech ever.

Jason Aldean performs… CAN ANYONE UNDERSTAND YOU!? The Wanted wins Breakout Artist…HA! Fav. Mov Actor Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry wins Fav music video and Fan Following, Ellen PomPeo wins fav dramatic tv actress, Emma Watson wins Fav Dramatic movie actress, Christina Aguilera Performs… woah… this was not… no words and then she wins “the People’s Voice” award… WHAT!?!?!, Hunger Games wins fav movie, movie franchise and something else I can’t remember (However, I did like this movie so I’m not too upset).

Fav Dramatic Actor: Nathan Fillion… Yay! This made me really happy because I was REALLY pissed that David B didn’t get a nom. Next best had to be Nathan. I watch Castle clips just for him. Fav Mov Actor and Fav Super Hero: Robert Downey Jr… really? Who can complain about this? I did choose wisely. Thank you Downey. And he dedicated it to a die hard fan. That’s what I call an acceptance speech. Honoree for Fav Humanitarian was Sandra Bullock. Reigna King spoke before a clip covering Bullock’s help with LA after Hurricane Katrina. “I don’t do anything, compared to what they do on a daily basis.” She continued to go on and on about the school. Explaining everything that the school does to further the education of their students. WE LOVE YOU SANDY!

AND THANK GOD! BIG BANG THEORY won for Fav TV Com. The even better part, they closed the show with them on stage. They really just make my night every time I see that cast on tv. The best moments ever happen THURSDAY nights on CBS.

Just so you know, there were more than a hand full of awards that weren’t announced during the ceremony so here we go: Meryl Steep Movie Icon, Jimmy Fallon Late Night Talk Show, Chris Hemsworth Action Movie Star, Steve Harvey New Talk Show Host, X Factor TV Competition, Demi Lovato Celebrity Judge, The Perks of Being a Wallflower Dramatic Movie, The New Normal New TV Comedy, Beauty and the Beast New TV Drama, Zac Efron Dramatic Movie Actor, Jason Mraz Male Artist, Nicki Minaji Hip Hop Artist, Hunger Games On Screen Chemistry, Rihanna R&B Artist, Awkward Cable TV Comedy, LEVERAGE!!!! Cable TV Drama (FINALLY!), and True Blood Premium Cable TV Show.

All and all… well I can say that most people on Twitter were commenting on how the whole thing was RIGGED. However, I have to say, I wasn’t too upset over a few choices. Now if we could just get rid of all the bad entertainers in the industry we would REALLY be set for a while.


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