CBS replies to NBC violence remarks

So remember when I said NBC calling out Criminal Minds was a HORRIBLE MISTAKE for 2013? Well congratulations so did the entertainment chief of CBS. Nina Tassler of CBS has come out fighting for her Wednesday night crime show Criminal Minds. “I happen to enjoy the show. It’s not for everybody. It’s an adult show. It’s a suspense thriller. And within that it’s also a character crime procedural. It’s given an appropriate rating. I don’t let my [14-year-old] kid watch it. I do.” And here comes the BEST part of her statement! “It’s a genre show … I think we’re making a huge mistake — and I’d say it to Bob to his face — to let any of the [violence] conversation devolve into ‘my show vs. your show.’ This is a much bigger issue.” I love when people actually acknowledge the fact that there are OTHER things in this world that matter more than, my toy is better than your toy. Because let’s face it… there are so many other things happening in this world that matter more than, my network rocks and your’s sucks.

Tassler went on to discuss the networks view and plans on calming down the violence on shows but more specifically on Criminal Minds, “This has been talked about a great deal this week. I don’t think any one of us in this room … I don’t think there’s any one on this planet who’s alive who hasn’t been changed and/or affected by the recent course of events. What’s happened has shaken me and all of us to our core. To the sense that people come to work with a renew sense of sensitivity — absolutely. We are parents, and we respect the jobs that we have; we respect the relationship we have with our audience. Nothing that’s on the air is inappropriate … our shows are appropriately rated on television … next question.” Talk about shooting you right between the eyes. THANK YOU for not beating around the bush and making just enough sense for every person in America to understand what you just said.

As for the TV Show, people PLEASE remember, stories are just that, stories. Fantasies that are put together by people, just like you, that get influences from real life and give lines to an actor and put them in front of a camera and with one word magic happens, “ACTION.” Remember those key words before you go blaming your entertainment industry for the mistakes of the wicked.


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