This is one of the only times I actually get to use this turn of phrase… HOLY SHEEP SH*T! This news makes me really excited for the show and the loyal fans of this show. So Leverage fans Dean Delvin made an announcement saying that they are currently shopping around the show and might even POSSIBLY get a movie out of it. Delvin was quoted saying, “We’re going to try to shop it around now and see if there is any other interest elsewhere… [Movie] That would be fun to do. That’s definitely a possibility.” Devlin continued, “Look, it’s a long shot but we have a lot of love for the show and the fans have been tremendously supportive. If we can find a way for it to continue we’ll pursue… If we don’t survive as a TV series, who knows? We’ve already started a series of books so maybe there’s a movie down the line. Maybe an Internet series, comic books, I don’t know. We’re wide open to all ideas.” 

I realize that this is just a little taste of a possibility but for the wonderfully smart following that are the LEVERAGE fans, I know that this is information I would want to know. Let me also say that TNT cancelled the series and coincidentally, it just got a People’s Choice (the first cancelled show to win that award). Um… I think the PEOPLE have spoken. BRING IT BACK!

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