Always the Support Never the Lead

I’m not gonna lie, I was thinking about this way before the Oscars airing tonight but I’ll probably get more readers after the Oscars than before them. With that said, I hope everyone enjoyed the Oscars… it was alright. But Seth, you were WAY better than Capt. Kurt said you would be. On to my point, “Always the Support Never the Lead” is my tribute to the unrecognized, forgotten, and always ranked second best in a long list of amazing Actors that seem to never get their props. I will admit I divided them into genres because it’s not really fair any other way. You can click on the hyper links for photos of the actors. ENJOY! And don’t forget to leave comments with your best of the UNDERrated actors out there.

Action: Brion James for “Blade Runner”, William Fichtner for “Black Hawk Down”Rutger Hauer for “Blade Runner”Idris Elba for “The Losers” , Wesley Snipes for the “Blade” Saga

Comedy: Colin Mochrie for “Whose Line Is it Anyway?”, Richard Kind for “Spin City”, Mark Addy for “The Full Monty”, Justin Long for “Zach and Miri Make a Porno”, Johnny Galecki for “The Big Bang Theory”, Jack Gilford for “The Golden Girls”

Crime: Kurtwood Smith for “Robo Cop”, David Boreanaz for “BONES”, Timothy Hutton for “Leverage”, Christian Kane for “Leverage”, Aldis Hodge for “Leverage”

Drama: Bradley Whitford for “The West Wing”, Jeff Daniels for “The Newsroom”, James Cromwell for “Six Feet Under”, Sam Rockwell for “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, Timothy Busfield for “The West Wing”, Jack Warden for “12 Angry Men”

Fantasy: Joseph Gordon Levitt for “Inception”, Alan Tudyk for “I, Robot”, Michael Cera for “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”, Rupert Grint for the “Harry Potter” Saga, Shawn Ashmore for the “X-Men” Saga

Musical: Seth Macfarlane for musical selections from “Family Guy”,  Richard Gere for “Chicago”, Anthony Rapp for “RENT”, Elijah Kelley for “HAIRSPRAY”, Alan Cumming for “Burlesque”

Talk/Game Show: Jimmy Fallon for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, Craig Ferguson for “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, Steve Colbert for “The Corbert Report”, Steve Harvey for “Steve Harvey”Wayne Brady for “Let’s Make a Deal”

Thriller/Horror/Suspense: Jason Miller for “The Exorcist”, Tracey Walter for “Silence of the Lambs”, Frankie Faison for “Hannibal”Danny Trejo for “Machete”, Chris Bauer for “True Blood”

I’d give you reasons for my decisions but their performances really do speak for themselves. They bring amazing talent to the screen and although they don’t get the credit they deserve, they really have payed their dues. If you’re NEVER heard of or seen any of these wonderful actors, PLEASE click on the hyperlink and go watch a movie. It won’t hurt… I promise.

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