BONES Season Finale

I had to post this preview because after watching last nights episode and seeing what Brennan says to Booth, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” followed by a kiss, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. Does this mean that Brennan is actually going propose to Booth? And if Pelant has anything to do with it, will Booth even get a chance to say “Yes”? According to an interview with Emily Deschanel the finale is going to be really intense. “It forces her [Brennan] to look at her life, her relationships and feelings. Makes her question some core beliefs…Pelant is scary. He’s somebody who’s brilliant — maybe Brennan is a little smarter than him…hard to say.” She continued by saying that, “As you’ll see, Brennan is willing to go farther than she’s ever gone to protect someone she loves.” That someone, as you can see from the preview is Booth. So how far will Brennan have to go and where will our favorite crime fighting duo be come next monday?
Have any ideas or thoughts? Make sure you post in the comments!

Oh and make sure you check out my friends at BONESSpoilersBlog. They always have the most up to date Bones Spoilers and info about the show.


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