Musicians = Sexy

So I’m reading through all my alerts today and I stumbled across this wonderful article that basically just reaffirmed the beliefs of every female that has ever been attracted to musicians. According to a study done by researchers at the University of South Brittany, 31% of women are more likely to give their number to a guy carrying a guy versus a guy carrying nothing. What they did to get these numbers is what really put a smile on my face. They hired an actor to approach 300 women first carrying a guitar, then nothing, then a sports bag. Apparently us women aren’t that swallow because out of the three, the biggest turn OFF was the sports bag. Only 9% gave the actor their number.

Last year, the University of Tel Aviv did a similar study with extremely similar if not exactly the same results. The researchers have come to the conclusion that this attraction comes from a “sign that the man is intelligent, can learn, or is willing to learn, new skills and has independent hobbies.” They also attribute these results to mass media that hold musicians in high regard often signifying wealth and status.

Alright Ladies, are they right? Would you give a guy your number just because he had a guitar? I don’t know about you but I probably would. Thank you researchers for just proving what I’ve always thought. Musicians really do = SEXY.

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