Rock and Rock Hall of Fame 2013

There are only so many award shows in the industry that I actually still like to watch and this one is BY FAR the best one anyone will ever spend time watching. If you have no idea what the R&R Hall of Fame is then you have no business looking at this article. You need to go to Google and search “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” and catch up on some history because you are FAR behind. With that said let’s get down to business. This year’s inductees included, Heart, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Rush, Donna Summer, Albert King, Quincy Jones and Lou Alder.

The first song played was Randy Newman’s “I Love LA.” Don Henley was the speaker to present Randy with his award. After which he played, “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today.”One of my favorite things about

Randy Newman is his ability to be sincerely funny. He is a true musical comedian. So hearing him sing this sincerely sad “a la” farewell song was just not him. And then there comes Randy in his true nature singing, “I Am Died But I Don’t Know It.”

Next up was blues guitarist Albert King. “The Blues Don’t Change,” was the focal point of the speech given by John Mayer. Since Albert passed away 1992, his granddaughters accepted the award on behalf of the family. Gary Clark Jr played on his behalf, “Born Under a Bad Sign.” Brooker T. and John Mayer joined him. My favorite thing about Albert was his solos. Talk about grit and aggression. He gave the blues a whole new face. That much you gotta love.

Producer Lou Alder not only shaped the sound for Rock and Roll but managed to produce the legendary comedic duo Cheech and Chong. The duo was actually the two that presented Lou with his award. If you have NO idea who Lou has produced, just look at all the R&R groups of the 60’s and 70’s. Lou probably put his hand in on all of them. Carole King played, “So Far Away.” Not only does the woman look amazing but she sang like no years have passed.

Donna Summer “The Queen of Disco,” passed away last year but her music has managed to become more popular than ever before.

Kelly Rowland gave a cute and wonderful speech inducting Donna. Her husband and three girls accepted the award on her behalf. JHud sang “Last Dance” in a Tribute to Donna.

Heart has to be my favorite Rock and Roll sister duo EVER! They kick so much ass that even their presenter Chris Cornel could not deny it. My favorite part about Heart was that these two sisters managed to stay together for so long and are even more talented than the guys coming up right behind them. These women rock just as hard if not harder than any man in the industry. They joined their band in playing “Crazy On You,” and “Barracuda.”  Two words that perfectly describe them: KICK ASS!

Quincy Jones is a household name and a legend in many different fields. Oprah Winfrey spoke to inducted him and described her state of mind as “speechless.” The most wonderful thing about Quincy is that he never limited himself to one area of concentration but he made sure that he never stopped

going after what he wanted most. Usher sang Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” and I gotta say, I didn’t know that Usher could still actually sing. And when I say sing I mean, SANG!

Spike Lee and Harry Belafonte spoke about Public Enemy, the rap group that broke through the industry with more words than you could wrap your mind around. And yes, this is where Flavor Flav came from. They performed, “Bring the Noise,” and “Fight the Power.” It’s funny listening to those lyrics. As old as these songs are, they still apply to what’s happening now. I would LOVE to see them come back.

RUSH was the last band of the evening inducted. Their speakers were Dave Grohl and

Taylor Hawkins. You gotta love it when the presenters have no filters and have more passion than the fans in the audience. This had to be my favorite presentation. Then RUSH played, “Tom Sawyer” and “Spirit of the Radio.” Now this is Rock and Roll.

The only down side to watching stuff like this is, now I’m longing for the days when the music industry was full of talented musicians like the ones on this stage. What a GREAT show this was. WOW… I can’t even put all the right words together to describe it. My favorite part of this show however, is when they bring all the musician out on stage and they jam for however long they have left. It’s by far the best part to watch over and over again.


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