Veronica Mars Update

Good Lord DO I LOVE COMIC CON!!! Every year around this time, I always get these massive amounts of emails informing me of everything that I’m missing out on the other side of the country where they actually get all the cool people in the comic and hollywood world together to talk about some of the best shows on TV, the latest and greatest in the graphic novel world and of course, movies. It’s like a creatives playground.

Now that I’m done daydreaming, here’s what I got from an update on the up coming Veronica Mars movie. The best news being that there is only TWO DAYS of filming left for the production AND the movie is set to be released in EARLY 2014. The next best news being as many details as they gave out. So Veronica is a big shot lawyer in New York, apparently there’s a scene with Jamie Lee Curtis, and she goes back to Neptune for a class reunion and obviously to solve a mystery. According to Creator Rob Thomas, the movie has a very Godfather III feel to it…. whatever that means. And Kristen revealed a piece of dialogue she had on the first day of shooting: “Charming drink names! I can’t decide between a Beast with Two Backs or a Donkey Punch. Oh, do you think they’d let me order a virgin Devirginator?” Why do I feel like that’s a reference to the first season with the whole ‘I don’t remember losing my virginity’ story line? And if it is, there’s a piece of me that’s thinking that’s just not cool and the other piece is thinking, what exactly would that taste like?veronica-mars-comic-con 2013

The Beginning of Kickstarter Movies

We have the company of Veronica Mars to thank for the latest and greatest cancelled TV shows getting their fans involved in  Kickstarter Campaigns to raise funds for producing a movie. The VM fans have come together and managed to raise $5.7 million for the production of a reunion movie. With that said, could this possibly mean a revival of some other well loved TV shows that were cancelled before their end? Well as an avid fan of Ugly Betty I have news for the UB fans that there is a fan that is starting a Kickstarter Campaign for a UB movie. Why you ask? WHY NOT! Since the show ended in 2010, the fans have eagerly waited for a movie that would show us where our favorite girl to love would end up. Would Daniel still be in London with her? Will Wilhelmina and Marc adjust to finally being in charge of MODE? Or, are there not enough loose ends to be tied up for there to be a movie? Check out the Kickstarter Video below and if you are a UB fan, you better pass this on. I want this to happen.


So, will we now start to see more and more fans coming out of the woodwork for kickstarter campaigns? Or will this fad soon be over? If the TV viewers of the world were smart enough, I would say that kickstarter campaigns might be the best new way of getting movies to be made. With the sincere lack of confidence that Hollywood has with most movie ideas now a days, why not ask the fans to be the producers for projects they want to see on the big screen. If that’s the case, could we possibly use the kickstarter campaigns as an excuse to see some other cancelled TV shows be brought to a theater near you? And when I say “other cancelled TV shows,” you know I’m totally talking about the recently cancelled “LEVERAGE.” I’d be all other that kickstarter campaign.

Harrison Ford and Star Wars

As promised, I have an update for the “possible” Star Wars cast reunion. Of course Harrison Ford is the only one that has recently come forward from our favorite SW cast to make any announcement about the possible reunion. Here’s what he had to say, “I think it’s almost true. I’m looking forward to it. It’s not in the bag yet, but I think it’s happening.” Granted, it’s not the best thing I’ve heard all week BUT it’s definitely a step in the right direction. More news you ask? Well now I know that the in-progress Episode VII is supposed to be released sometime in 2015 and there will be two more installments of the series PLUS! standalone films planned for future release.

George Lucas recently spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek  and mentioned that he already signed our favorite trio cast (Harrison, Carrie and Mark) to make a return before the deal with Disney went through.  “Maybe I’m not supposed to say that. I think they want to announce that with some big whoop-de-do, but we were negotiating with them.”

When more updates come my way, y’all will be the first ones to know! I truly can’t help but wonder whether or not this waiting game is all for some kind of public plot for over exposure.

Robert Redford Returns

Wow… I just realized that if I wanted to, I could’ve called this article “the triple r” AND everyone would’ve clicked on it just to see what the hell I was talking about. With that said Robert Redford, star of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, All the Presidents Men and Legal Eagles, is now taking a new direction in his career with a part that he says has always been a childhood dream of his. “The ‘Captain America’ thing is just a very simple thing. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something just to be different. Something bold, different. And that felt like a good thing to do. That was it, nothing more to it than that. Well, it’s bold in terms of expectations, I guess.” The first thing I thought after reading this was, how many times is he going to use the word ‘different?’ It was a while ago but March 22 marked the day that Redford revealed to the press that he was going to play the head of S.H.I.E.L.D or the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division in the upcoming Captain America film entitled Captain America: The Winter Solider. “I think these films are really powerful. I think they’re great. This is the kind of film I would have loved to see as a kid.”

So are you excited? I gotta say, I’m a little more than excited.

Veronica Mars: The Movie

Last week brought about some awfully hopeful news to the fans of the CW show “Veronica Mars.” After three seasons the show was canceled and yes, as many fans made it clear, there were lots of lose ends that needed to be tied up. No lie, when I saw the series finale all I could think was, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? After the three seasons of sitting through the best and worst of the Mars family and the city of Neptune, CA and all the fans got was open ended questions with no clear answer. Since the finale, fans and cast members have talked about a movie to close out the series in high form. Well it’s that time die-hard fans. Last Wednesday the Kickstarter Campaign page went up with a video starring Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Hansen and Creator Rob Thomas. They talk about how they all want to put a movie together but that money is an issue. They go on to say that they’re going to fundraise the money for the production by asking fans to chip in. Their goal was $2million. They reached that goal in less than 12 hours. As of today there are 56, 235 fans that put money towards this campaign raising $3,684,383 and there’s still 24 Days left in the campaign. You can pledge as little as a $1. Each level of donation gets a special perk, most of which, you known you want if you’re a die-hard fan. Here’s what Rob Thomas had to say about additional funds past the $2 million mark, “We can afford a full-on brawl. Ten million? Who knows… For some reason the Neptune High class reunion takes place on a nuclear submarine! A Hobbit shows up! There’s a Bollywood end-credit dance number! I’ve always wanted to direct Bill Murray. We’ll figure out something cool. Hey, if that total goes high enough, I’ll bet the good folks at Warner Bros. will agree a sequel is a good idea.”

Since the goal was met, Thomas wrote on twitter that production for the movie would start this summer and be set to release early 2014. Perhaps this fundraising thing would be a good idea for other TV shows with unexpected cancelations? Somethings telling me this is going to start a new trend.

This week in Entertainment

Talk about being behind in the world BUT my friends, I’ve returned with some really interesting news. I will tell you that there’s nothing in the entertainment world going on right now that will make you jump out of your seat. Maybe that was mean but anything that really makes you jump out of your seat, you would’ve read already. So here’s this week in entertainment. You’ve got to read all of these.

Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin, has signed off on the rights to his biography written by Paul Rees. The biography is set to be release January of 2014. It is said the book will cover Plant’s personal life, his rise to fame with Led Zeppelin and his solo artist career. So it’s a year off? Is that enough time for you to make the pre-order?

Starting NOW and going until March 24th, Doubleday publishing has announced TODAY that a FREE e-book edition of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” will be available at select online retailers. The e-book will include the prologue and the first chapter of “Inferno,” Brown’s next novel being released in May. So if you haven’t read it yet, I think now might be the time.

THIS IS THE BEST NEWS! Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman have “reportedly” reconciled and are back together. I know there are a lot of you saying, why the hell should I care however, let me say this. This Hollywood couple split last year after a 30 YEAR marriage. 30 years in Hollywood is like being the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now you should agree with my joy.

Xbox Entertainment announced that voting for the Xbox Entertainment Awards is now open to the public. That’s right friends, they have opened up the ballots and you can vote for the following categories: Games, TV &Movies, and Music. Obviously there are a bunch of sub-categories but those are for you to go check out here! Have fun.

Vevo, the ever so loved channel on YouTube has decided it’s time to get away from internet only and expand into cable providers. It will begin webcasting linear, pre-programmed videos and diminishing its reliance on Youtube, according to CEO Rio Caraeff. “It’s human programmed, like the way it used to be,” Caraeff said. “It complements our on-demand business and it’s not at the expense of what we already do.” Will it last? Who knows.

HBO bought The Pussy Riot documentary titled, “Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer,” at the Sundance Film Festival in mid January.  The documentary follows the feminist punk group when the were arrested and prosecuted after they staged a prayer protest in a Russian Cathedral. Member Yekaterina Samutsevich said she has no regrets even though other members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina are both still imprisoned. Russia has banned footage of the performance.

Always the Support Never the Lead

I’m not gonna lie, I was thinking about this way before the Oscars airing tonight but I’ll probably get more readers after the Oscars than before them. With that said, I hope everyone enjoyed the Oscars… it was alright. But Seth, you were WAY better than Capt. Kurt said you would be. On to my point, “Always the Support Never the Lead” is my tribute to the unrecognized, forgotten, and always ranked second best in a long list of amazing Actors that seem to never get their props. I will admit I divided them into genres because it’s not really fair any other way. You can click on the hyper links for photos of the actors. ENJOY! And don’t forget to leave comments with your best of the UNDERrated actors out there.

Action: Brion James for “Blade Runner”, William Fichtner for “Black Hawk Down”Rutger Hauer for “Blade Runner”Idris Elba for “The Losers” , Wesley Snipes for the “Blade” Saga

Comedy: Colin Mochrie for “Whose Line Is it Anyway?”, Richard Kind for “Spin City”, Mark Addy for “The Full Monty”, Justin Long for “Zach and Miri Make a Porno”, Johnny Galecki for “The Big Bang Theory”, Jack Gilford for “The Golden Girls”

Crime: Kurtwood Smith for “Robo Cop”, David Boreanaz for “BONES”, Timothy Hutton for “Leverage”, Christian Kane for “Leverage”, Aldis Hodge for “Leverage”

Drama: Bradley Whitford for “The West Wing”, Jeff Daniels for “The Newsroom”, James Cromwell for “Six Feet Under”, Sam Rockwell for “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, Timothy Busfield for “The West Wing”, Jack Warden for “12 Angry Men”

Fantasy: Joseph Gordon Levitt for “Inception”, Alan Tudyk for “I, Robot”, Michael Cera for “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”, Rupert Grint for the “Harry Potter” Saga, Shawn Ashmore for the “X-Men” Saga

Musical: Seth Macfarlane for musical selections from “Family Guy”,  Richard Gere for “Chicago”, Anthony Rapp for “RENT”, Elijah Kelley for “HAIRSPRAY”, Alan Cumming for “Burlesque”

Talk/Game Show: Jimmy Fallon for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, Craig Ferguson for “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, Steve Colbert for “The Corbert Report”, Steve Harvey for “Steve Harvey”Wayne Brady for “Let’s Make a Deal”

Thriller/Horror/Suspense: Jason Miller for “The Exorcist”, Tracey Walter for “Silence of the Lambs”, Frankie Faison for “Hannibal”Danny Trejo for “Machete”, Chris Bauer for “True Blood”

I’d give you reasons for my decisions but their performances really do speak for themselves. They bring amazing talent to the screen and although they don’t get the credit they deserve, they really have payed their dues. If you’re NEVER heard of or seen any of these wonderful actors, PLEASE click on the hyperlink and go watch a movie. It won’t hurt… I promise.