Speedy Friday Returns!

IT’S FRIDAY! Can I get a THANK GOD!? HEY hey… they don’t call it TGIF for nothing. It’s been one hellacious week for the entertainment world and to be quite honest, a lot of it I could really give two rats about. However, most of them do make me laugh a lot. So here we go…

James Earl Jones has returned to CNN as the voice between commercials. His return is thanks to newly posted Jeff Zucker. Zuckers first day was Monday of this week, which also featured Jones’ voice return.

Gwyneth Paltrow told Cameron Diaz she can’t have sex for a year. Well… really it was Paltrow’s trainer but you say ‘tomayto’ I say ‘tomahto.’ According to sources Gwyneth has “…sorted out everything from finances to hooking her up with her trainer. She has also forced her to swear off sex for a year, saying men distract her focus.” MORE POWER TO YOU CAMERON!

ABC wanted Lance Armstrong for this springs season of Dancing with the Stars. According to a spokeswoman for Armstrong, “Lance has been offered the show each and every year since its inception. Although flattered he has passed on their generous offers.” And this year is no different. He has declined once again.

The Coachella line-up has been revealed and I tell you, if I could be there, I would. Headliners including Blur, The Stone Roses, Phoenix, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. To check out the ENTIRE seriously kick ass line-up, check out coachella.com.

ABC has pulled the show Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23 for the Tuesday night line up. No you have to ask, what does this mean? It means that the show still has 8 episodes left in the season but they won’t air unless ABC wants them to. Translation: it got canceled.

Good news for the Entertainment Industry has hit the stands. According to the 2012 numbers of the Employment Development Department, employment in the industry went up 3.7% from the average employment of 2011. YAY!!!

According to several rumors and now reports, JJ Abrams will be directing the newest installation of the Star Wars Saga Episode 7. Although many people have had their own concerns, there are more people saying that Abrams is more than capable of doing the job.

And finally, earlier this week, there was another shooting in Texas at Lone Star College on the north side of Houston. The shooting left three people wounded and both shooters finally arrested. The shooting apparently took place after a discussion got a little too heated. There is no evidence right now as to whether or not this was a gang related incident.

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The Year End Review – 2012

So today is the last day of 2012, ARE YOU READY FOR 2013? That’s when you say, HELL NO. Well, there’s lots that went down and lots that shouldn’t have come anyway near us this past year. To sum up as quickly and painless as possible, I’m going to give you EVERYTHING that has happened this past year. Put on your reading glasses and catch yourself up in “LUDICROUS SPEED.” (If you don’t get that reference, you have stumble upon the wrong website and should go find prettykitties.com)

The Supreme Court fights against Fox TV for “indecency.” I actually forgot this happened. The cross dressing tv show “Work It” got cancelled. I’m suddenly remembering why this show got cancelled. The IFPI claimed that delays to the Digital Economy Act were the reasons for piracy still being high. Yea and it had nothing to do with people being tight asses. DC Comics brings back Watchmen as “Before Watchmen.”  I wonder whatever happened with that. Barnes and Noble Bans Amazon Books.  Yea cause that really hurt Amazon. Vicente Fernandez announced his retirement. Only to retire in 2013. Wii announces the Wii U. Released in the fall. JK Rowling announces new book for adults. I saw when it was released, then it disappeared into the universe. Dr. Seuss turned 108. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  The Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th anniversary. Damn those guys are OLD.  “The Rock” makes his comeback. This happened as quickly as it ended.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Gun’s N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys, Donovan, Laura Nyro, Small Faces and Faces. Epic Concert. Pepsi and Twitter join forces. Concerts on youtube is genius. The Vatican denounces a sex book written by a nun. This story still makes me laugh. TomKat gets a divorce. All of America was waiting for this. “Meet the Dictionary’s New Words.” And they don’t all start of the letter ‘r.’ Wonder Woman and Superman set to become a couple. Only DC Comics. Bin Laden is killed. And then we tell them how we did it. Real smart folks Randy Newman writes, “I’m dreaming of a white president.”  Still makes me laugh every time I read about it. Who’s apart of the 47%?  ME!!! Matthew Perry returns to NBC with “Go On.”  It’s not just for the crazies. Disney buys Star WARS. Problem or good times? The wicked tale of “Standards and Practices.” Stupid TV politics.  Obama wins presidency. I voted. Channing Tatum is reported “sexiest man alive” by People magazine. Yea yea yea. NBC announces “The Sound of Music” revamp for TV only has Carrie Underwood as lead female role Maria. So not making people happy. People begin to blame the fine arts for the shooting in Newtown, CT. Because they are stupid. 

Legends we lost: Dick Clark, Ann Rutherford, Marvin Hamlisch, Ron Palillo, Michael Clark Duncan, Jenni Rivera, Larry Hagman, Etta James, Don Cornelius, Whitney Houston, Davy Jones, Donald Dunn, Donna Summer, Robin Gibb, Kathryn Joosten, Richard Dawson, Nora Ephron, Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine, Neil Armstrong, Andy Williams, Dave Brubeck and so many more.

What did you think of the 2012 year? Was it good to you?

The Sexiest Man Alive

Would it be wrong of me to say I was slightly disappointed in this decision??? Okay, okay. Yes, Channing Tatum was… like woah in “Magic Mike” and yea, he’s got his moments of ridiculously sexy appearances, but really? Nothing against him, seriously. He is attractive, he can definitely get any straight woman’s blood pumpin’ but can you really say that he is the sexiest man alive? I think what’s killin’ me the most is the “alive” part of this title. For some reason, I’m coming up with a list of men that seem more like possible candidates.

For example: Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Leonard DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Alex O’Loughlin, Gerard Butler, Blair Underwood, Shemar Moore, Taye Diggs, Joe Magliano, Apolo Ohno, Tim McGraw, Vin Diesel, William Levy, Antonio Banderas, Andy Garcia, Simon Baker, Adam Brody, Joe Mazzello, Patrick Wilson, and David Boreanaz. Really, my list could go on for days but I feel that would be rude in some way shape or form.

But alas, I must bid a big congratulations to the actor simply because, well… he won. And at the end of the day he was voted on fair and square. Here’s what Tatum had to say about his win. “My first thought was, ‘Y’all are messing with me. I told Jenna {wife} after we’d been in the bathtub washing our dogs because they’d gotten skunked. She was like, ‘What?'”

I think the one things for sure. In my dictionary sexiness really is like wine. It only gets better with age.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

The time: October. The color: Pink. The guest: Fighters & Survivors. Although it’s not my favorite color in the world it has come into my life for the past year in a BIG way. Cancer has impacted more than 1 and 3 people in a life time with that stat growing every year; the top three of the cancers being Non-melanoma, Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer has affected 12% of women, killing 115 women world-wide in one day. That’s 1 woman every 15 minutes. While it has affected every average sally, the cause has spread like wide fire over the past decade to bring it to the fore front of the entertainment industry as well. Entertainers affected by breast cancer include: Sheryl Crow, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newtown-John, Melissa Etheridge, Cynthia Nixon, Edie Falco, Robin Roberts, and Christina Applegate.

So Why Pink? The pink ribbon was first used by the Susan G. Komen Organization in 1991 and was adopted by National Breast Cancer Awareness Month the following year. The ribbon represents fear, hope and goodness of people who support the breast cancer movement. Although the ribbon is commonly known for the cause, it also symbolizes  goodwill towards women in general.

There have been several sources in my research that lead me to people who don’t find BCAM all that… well they think it’s a sad excuse to attempt to coerce people into buying things with a pink ribbon claiming it will help breast cancer victims. Well… I just have one thing to say about this: BCAM isn’t about getting people to buy things, it’s about educating women about something that could affect them regardless of their knowledge of it. “The best protection is early detection.” Educate yourself, talk to your doctors and make sure that you don’t become easily misguided.

Make sure that if you’re interested in bringing an end to breast cancer to donate at Susan G. Koman for the Cure or the American Cancer Society. Separate we may fall but together we are STRONG.

Speedy Friday!

I guess this is going to become a trend. There was no news that really came my way until yesterday and I thought, well what’s one more day. Most of everything is pretty typical of the entertainment industry but the funnest stuff comes from the one place I hate talking about: Politics (YUCK!) But here we go:

The Grammys noms will have their live concert special Dec 5th and air on CBS. 90’s female singer Brandy is coming back to bring R&B back into the music world. 98 Degrees is “Definitely” making new music. WHY am I so excited about this? Authorities have amended Natalie Wood’s death certificate. DC Comics has come out saying that Superman and Wonder Woman will become an item. Nickelback’s new Music Video stars Jason Alexander as a barista. A genius decided to write a book describing the raid that killed Bin Laden. It’s not enough that we did it, we have to share with the whole world how we did it. GENIUS idea. And the best for last the Romney and Paul campaign is doing the great job of pissing off plenty of the musicians in the industry. So much so that Dee Snider of Twisted Sister has denounced the campaign. Now that just makes me laugh.

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Summer Update: The Return

THAT’S RIGHT! I’M BACK! To my dear loyal readers, I’m so glad that y’all continually checked out my blog even though I haven’t written since June. It’s now August and I have plenty of stories to share with you that have happened during my summer hiatus. To clarify, I didn’t close down the blog nor did I decide to quit. It was just ONE CRAZY SUMMER. To get back on track I’ve decided to try and make this as quick and painless as possible. I promise if you get bored blame yourself because it’s not me. 😀

Here we go: Green Lantern is now gay, Houston NASAs gets a replica shuttle (BOOO!), Spartacus is going into it’s final season, Oprah relaunches her book club, the Nun Book for Sexuality is denounced by the Vatican (still my favorite story of the summer), Ann Rutherford dies at 94, Rock of Ages movie BOMBS!, Happy 4th of July, Adele is Pregnant! YAY!, Katie and Tom divorce… too soon for jokes?, Magic Mike…Did he really bring sexy back?, Helen Reddy coming back to the industry, Coachella Cruise Line!?! Excitement!, Larry King returns on Hulu, Steve Tyler, JLo and Randy all leave AI (Is it a sign from above?), Comic Con… why do I never get to go?, Olympic opening WAY better than the closing, USA wins most over all and gold medals!, Marvin Hamlisch dies (a sad day in the music world) Dennis Rodman writing childrens book… SAY WHAT?!?, Ron Palillo dies (a sad day in the tv industry), and Rob Pattison makes jokes about KStewart scandal.

I’m sure there is so much more for me to mention however, these are the stories I loved the most. Make sure you are following me on Twitter @CEliseMata for all the up to date stories I find the most entertaining. With the fall comes new stories and new hopes for better music, television, arts and technology. Here’s to hoping!

Vatican Denounces Nun Book for Sexuality

As I read this article provided by the New York Times, I thought this would either be a great blog post for my readers or it would potentially ruin me for every future post. Then I remembered the purpose of this blog. To be open, honest, truthful and blunt. To save all of you from embarrassment, I’ll give you the chance now to leave the page. Go ahead… if you’re CHICKEN!

Just kidding. So here’s how it went. Yesterday, the Vatican’s doctrinal office denounced an American nuns book for same-sex relationships, masturbation and remarriage after divorce. I know! You’re thinking what I’m thinking. What the HELL is a Catholic nun doing writing about anything having to do with sex? From what I remember of Catholic school, those are the crazy nuts that told me holding hands with a boy would get me pregnant. Sister Margaret A. Farley, award winning scholar said in a statement, “I can only clarify that the book was not intended to be an expression of current official Catholic teaching, nor was it aimed specifically against this teaching. It is of a different genre altogether.” The title of this supposed disgraceful book is “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics.” She went on further to say that the book offers “contemporary interpretations” of justice and fairness in human sexual relations, moving away from a “taboo morality” and drawing on “present-day scientific, philosophical, theological, and biblical resources.”

Before I go on to say what all the Vatican had a problem with, let me point out a few more quotes from the book that are important to this denouncement. In regards to same-sex marriage she writes that same-sex marriage “can also be important in transforming the hatred, rejection, and stigmatization of gays and lesbians.” She continues, “same-sex relationships and activities can be justified according to the same sexual ethic as heterosexual relationships and activities.” In regards to female masturbation she writes that female masturbation “usually does not raise any moral questions at all.” She adds that “many women” have found “great good in self-pleasuring — perhaps especially in the discovery of their own possibilities for pleasure — something many had not experienced or even known about in their ordinary sexual relations with husbands or lovers.”

Now we can move on to what the Vatican had to say. In regards to the same-sex marriage statements they responded with, “This opinion is not acceptable.” Homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity” that are “intrinsically disordered” and “contrary to the natural law.” In regards to her opinion on divorce being a reasonable option for couples who have grown apart, the Vatican said that this statement contradicted church teaching on the “indissolubility of marriage.” In regards to female masturbation the Vatican stated that this assessment contradicted church teachings that “the deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose.”

My Final Say: IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ACKNOWLEDGED THE FACT THAT SEX HAPPENS! Being a member of the Catholic faith, you would think that I’m biased on the subject but to be quite frank, the church should be grateful that for once, there is a nun that’s not beating around the bush (no pun intended) about sexuality. I only wish there were more nuns like Sister Farley that were comfortable enough with their sexuality to help those Catholics that are completely lost on the subject. It’s about time the Vatican realize that this is a new generation, a new era where all the old tricks don’t work anymore. They need to stop living in the past and start looking to the future where SEX isn’t just whispered under your breathe and giggled at.