CBS replies to NBC violence remarks

So remember when I said NBC calling out Criminal Minds was a HORRIBLE MISTAKE for 2013? Well congratulations so did the entertainment chief of CBS. Nina Tassler of CBS has come out fighting for her Wednesday night crime show Criminal Minds. “I happen to enjoy the show. It’s not for everybody. It’s an adult show. It’s a suspense thriller. And within that it’s also a character crime procedural. It’s given an appropriate rating. I don’t let my [14-year-old] kid watch it. I do.” And here comes the BEST part of her statement! “It’s a genre show … I think we’re making a huge mistake — and I’d say it to Bob to his face — to let any of the [violence] conversation devolve into ‘my show vs. your show.’ This is a much bigger issue.” I love when people actually acknowledge the fact that there are OTHER things in this world that matter more than, my toy is better than your toy. Because let’s face it… there are so many other things happening in this world that matter more than, my network rocks and your’s sucks.

Tassler went on to discuss the networks view and plans on calming down the violence on shows but more specifically on Criminal Minds, “This has been talked about a great deal this week. I don’t think any one of us in this room … I don’t think there’s any one on this planet who’s alive who hasn’t been changed and/or affected by the recent course of events. What’s happened has shaken me and all of us to our core. To the sense that people come to work with a renew sense of sensitivity — absolutely. We are parents, and we respect the jobs that we have; we respect the relationship we have with our audience. Nothing that’s on the air is inappropriate … our shows are appropriately rated on television … next question.” Talk about shooting you right between the eyes. THANK YOU for not beating around the bush and making just enough sense for every person in America to understand what you just said.

As for the TV Show, people PLEASE remember, stories are just that, stories. Fantasies that are put together by people, just like you, that get influences from real life and give lines to an actor and put them in front of a camera and with one word magic happens, “ACTION.” Remember those key words before you go blaming your entertainment industry for the mistakes of the wicked.

“The Sound of Music”: A Classic that never gets old

The Sound of Music Movie 1965

As many of you know already, NBC has decided to hash out a LIVE broadcast of the broadway version of  “The Sound of Music.” Let me be perfectly clear, everyone involved in this production has said it OVER and over again that this broadcast will NOT be a REMAKE of the movie but simply a broadcast of the broadway musical production. Creative producer Craig Zadan said, “What we want to do, instead, is to give audiences a completely fresh experience of this great Tony Award-winning stage musical in the form of a classic television event, combined with the spontaneity of a live performance.” All actors will be singing live and there won’t be any lip-synching with pre-recordings, according the Zadan. Chairman of NBC Entertainment Robert Greenblatt said, “There used to be a tradition of broadcasting musicals live back in the 1950s and we’re thrilled to do it once again with a musical that has been a family classic for five decades. There is no more talented and creative producing team than Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to bring Rodgers and Hammerstein’s final — and most beloved — collaboration to network television in this groundbreaking live telecast.”

The Sound of Music Broadway Cast 1959

You wouldn’t believe how I am ALL for this new project and bringing back some of the wonderful traditions of the 50’s LIKE broadcasting musicals on tv… HOWEVER, when the first news that hits the stands is the casting of your leading lady, YOU BETTER be sure that that lady will live up to the standards of her predecessors. ESPECIALLY with great names like Mary Martin and Julie Andrews. But no… NBC makes the colossal mistake of casting POP country’s own Carrie Underwood. I have nothing against the woman except for the fact that she just doesn’t have IT to do this role. Not vocally, not technically, NOT NOTHIN’. She is NOT a classical broadway singer, and NO amount of training will get her to be one in less than 1 yr. I would like to tell you that more casting results have been announced but alas, there hasn’t been. But  VH1 Celebrity posted an article that I just FELL in LOVE with. They actually put up their own casting list for the movie and most to ALL of it I agree with. Check it out.  May be you should RETHINK this NBC. If you’re gonna do an R&H musical you should really try something easier like… State Fair! Great show, great music, and I’m pretty sure no one would be upset with the casting list.

And while we’re on the subject, Mail Online reported last week that Julie Andrews has come out candidly stating the she will no longer be able to sing beyond her low bass notes. The good news? She and her voice aren’t leaving the limelight any time soon. She has written and narrated books, been voice-overs in animated movies and directed an adaptation of her own book in the theater. She said she has to find different ways of using her voice. “When one door closes another window opens.”

Will you be watching the live broadcast next year? Let us know!

“Go On” Not Just for the Crazies

Matthew Perry is back on NBC since the departure of “Friends” back in 2004 and be brings with him some friends that might not be everyones cup of tea but definitely pack a punch. Yes they are a little out there in some places but they have their own special moments that kinda make them the funniest of all the crazies.

Now join me friends in a circle of truth… Even saying that makes me laugh. So “Go On”… After watching for the past month, I gotta say, there’s something crazy lovable about this show. Every episode is full of moments both touching and comical. Let me also say that since watching the very first episode, every time I’ve seen someone on their phone while driving, I’ve wanted to throw fruit at their windshield to make them stop. Although I’ve also thought that maybe eggs would work way better in this situation (this is just a thought; please don’t try this at home). There are moments that you think “wow this can’t recover from all the sadness” and then Matt Perry says something like, “WAIT! WHAT’S THE iTUNES PASSWORD!?”

What else is there to say? This IS a ensemble show. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. You act like I’m here to educate… Just kidding. It means that it’s NOT just about Matt Perry. It’s about everyone. My favorite for some reason being “the cat lady.” Yes, it centers around the idea that MP’s wife dies and he ends up having to go to an support group but the mini-stories in between make it more than worth your while. It’s full of sarcasm and comedy and hope and all the wonderful aspects of writing we enjoy out of a 30 minute sitcom. If you don’t like this show… keep it to yourself. No one likes a pessimist.

Summer Update: The Return

THAT’S RIGHT! I’M BACK! To my dear loyal readers, I’m so glad that y’all continually checked out my blog even though I haven’t written since June. It’s now August and I have plenty of stories to share with you that have happened during my summer hiatus. To clarify, I didn’t close down the blog nor did I decide to quit. It was just ONE CRAZY SUMMER. To get back on track I’ve decided to try and make this as quick and painless as possible. I promise if you get bored blame yourself because it’s not me. 😀

Here we go: Green Lantern is now gay, Houston NASAs gets a replica shuttle (BOOO!), Spartacus is going into it’s final season, Oprah relaunches her book club, the Nun Book for Sexuality is denounced by the Vatican (still my favorite story of the summer), Ann Rutherford dies at 94, Rock of Ages movie BOMBS!, Happy 4th of July, Adele is Pregnant! YAY!, Katie and Tom divorce… too soon for jokes?, Magic Mike…Did he really bring sexy back?, Helen Reddy coming back to the industry, Coachella Cruise Line!?! Excitement!, Larry King returns on Hulu, Steve Tyler, JLo and Randy all leave AI (Is it a sign from above?), Comic Con… why do I never get to go?, Olympic opening WAY better than the closing, USA wins most over all and gold medals!, Marvin Hamlisch dies (a sad day in the music world) Dennis Rodman writing childrens book… SAY WHAT?!?, Ron Palillo dies (a sad day in the tv industry), and Rob Pattison makes jokes about KStewart scandal.

I’m sure there is so much more for me to mention however, these are the stories I loved the most. Make sure you are following me on Twitter @CEliseMata for all the up to date stories I find the most entertaining. With the fall comes new stories and new hopes for better music, television, arts and technology. Here’s to hoping!

Fall Shows Worth The Wait

Now that I’ve actually had the time to sit and watch all the trailers for the new shows gracing us with their presence in the Fall, I’ve managed to make the ultimate opinion and say that CBS is going to kick every other Network TV Stations ASS in the fall. Why? I’ll give you three reasons. Monday nights “Partners,” Tuesday nights “Vegas” and Thursday nights “Elementary.” Out of all 20+ trailers I just watched, these three are the only ones that have me saying, “I NEED TO WATCH THESE SHOWS!” The trailers really do speak for themselves.

As for the rest of the new blood that’s coming into play in the Fall, all networks have potential to have really good shows. Running in a close second behind my top three favorites are “Go On,” “The Mob Doctor,” “Guys with Kids,” and “Last Resort.” “Go On,” brings back Matthew Perry to NBC. If only for him, I’ll be watching just to see what comedy he can bring back to the fans.

“The Mob Doctor” features Jordana Spiro portraying Grace Devlin. This one is interesting considering it’s got a very TNT “Saving Grace” look to it.

“Guys with Kids” looks like a show that I’ll give a little more than a chance to. Featuring Jesse Bradford, Anthony Andrson, and Zach Cregger, these three dads help each other out with raising the kids they love so dearly. Gotta say though, I like the alternate title “DILFs” just a little more!

“Last Resort” draws you in with the high drama of the US government trying to kill off their own soldiers. With Andre Braugher being what seems to be the ringleader, you can’t miss this one.

So, what about the other network stations? Well, let’s just say that there’s not much to sing about concerning them anymore. Especially the ever forgotten and rightly so apparently, CW. It’s sad because I used to LOVE that station but… not anymore. Can you wait for the fall line-up to start? Comment Away!

Fall TV 2012 Line-Up!

Well aside from the fact that I haven’t exactly been keeping up with this particular project, I’ve been scouring the news looking for anything interesting that is going on in the industry right now. Instead, I found a bunch of dull stories that could bore you to tears. But I did notice that they’ve finally released the entire Network Fall 2012 Line-Up. Below are extended details.

SUNDAY: ABC 7/6c: America’s Funniest Home Videos 8/7c: Once Upon a Time 9/8c: Revenge 10/9c: 666 Park Avenue

CBS 7/6c: 60 Minutes 8/7c: The Amazing Race 9/8c: The Good Wife 10/9c: The Mentalist

FOX 8/7c Hour: The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers 9/8c Hour: Family Guy and American Dad

NBC Post-Football 7/6c: Dateline NBC 8/7c: Fashion Star 9/8c: The Celebrity Apprentice 10/9c: Do No Harm

MONDAY: ABC 8/7c: Dancing with the Stars 10/9c: Castle

CBS 8/7c Hour: How I Met Your Mother and Partners, 9/8c Hour: 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly, 10/9c:Hawaii Five-0

CW  8/7c Hour: 90210 9/8c Hour: Gossip Girl

FOX 8/7c Hour: Bones 9/8c Hour: The Mob Doctor

NBC 8/7c Hour: The Voice 10/9c Hour: Revolution

TUESDAY: ABC 8/7c: Dancing with the Stars 9/8c Hour: Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 10/9c: Private Practice

CBS 8/7c: NCIS 9/8c: NCIS:LA 10/9c: Vegas

CW 8/7c: Hart of Dixie 9/8c: Emily Owens, M.D.

FOX 8/7c Hour: Raising Hope and Ben and Kate 9/8c Hour: New Girl and The Mindy Project

NBC 8/7c: The Voice 9/8c Hour: Go On and The New Normal 10/9c: Parenthood

WEDNESDAY: ABC 8/7c Hour: The Middle and Suburgatory 9/8c Hour: Modern Family and The Neighbors 10/9c: Nashville

CBS 8/7c: Suvivor 9/8c: Criminal Minds 10/9c: CSI

CW 8/7c: Arrow 9/8c: Supernatural

FOX 8/7c: The X Factor

NBC 8/7c Hour: Animal Practice and Guys with Kids 9/8c: Law &Order: SVU 10/9c: Chicago Fire

THURSDAY: ABC 8/7c: Last Resort 9/8c: Grey’s Anatomy 10/9c: Scandal

CBS 8/7c Hour: The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men 9/8c: Person of Interest 10/9c: Elementary

CW 8/7c: The Vampire Diaries 8/9c: Beauty and the Beast

FOX 7/8c: The X Factor 9/8c: Glee

NBC 8/7c Hour: 30 Rock and Up All Night 9/8c Hour: The Office and Parks and Recreation 10/9c: Rock Center with Brian Williams

FRIDAY: ABC 8/7c: Shark Tank/Last Man Standing 9/8c: Primetime: What Would You Do? 10/9c: 20/20

CBS 8/7c: CSI:NY 9/8c: Made in Jersey 10/9c: Blue Bloods

CW 8/7c: America’s Next Top Model 9/8c: Nikita

FOX 8/7c: Touch 9/8c: Fringe

NBC 8/7c Hour: Whitney and Community 9/8c: Grimm 10/9c: Dateline NBC

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