Horrible Mistakes of 2013

Wow… we’ve barely made it through 12 days of the new year and there’s already a crap ton of stupid things that have happened. I have to say, I thought that with a new year maybe we would make it through at least… um… a month or so before we start-up with the dumbest things in the world.

Everyone is now blaming every source of entertainment for the shooting in CT. Texas teachers are apparently becoming registered gun owners to use guns in schools. Wow… and here I thought people were smart. Let’s just give kids more opportunities to accidentally shoot themselves. I realize I already did a full article on this subject last week however, there have been more stupid things happening around the CT shooting then you could really count on one hand. Including a government conspiracy theory… (what is wrong with people?) So, the NRA says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun. REALLY!?! What does that even mean? Earlier this week Arnold Schwarzenegger came out saying that violence and guns in movies are PURELY for entertainment purposes. THANK YOU Governor. Someone finally saying that hey, if people are that stupid, we can’t help it. We didn’t give them the gun and say, “go kill some people.”

Justin Bieber is now trying to fix his image since the “pot” picture was released onto the media. He has stated that… “Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up. I see all of u. I hear all of u. I never want to let any of u down. I love u.” Further down in his statement he says, “Time to do what I’m supposed to be doing. Performing.” Really because I thought your role was to be annoying and make 9-13 year olds cry over stupid songs with lyrics like “Baby, baby, baby oh.” That’s real classy.

A Utah school cancels “All Shook Up,” musical because Elvis music is offensive. I’m sorry, did we suddenly time travel back to the 50’s? Apparently Elvis’ song lyrics in combination with the scene suggesting cross dressing was deemed offensive. I have no IDEA what scene they are talking about considering, I’ve seen the show and NEVER once thought that WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE was talking about cross dressing. For those who have no idea, the musical is a twist on Shakespeare’s “The Twelfth Night.” Wanna hear something even better!? After trying to change the musical to something else, THEY CHANGED IT BACK. What a conundrum! A rep for the play said, “There’s a misunderstanding about the plot of the play.” YA THINK!? “By that time, the genders have been righted. The audience knows it’s not a homosexual relationship.” Um… I think this is my favorite of the Horrible Mistakes this year.

Rihanna posts a picture of a pot nugget on instagram and then she decides it’s smart to backlash at the critics and fans that get upset over it. First off, if you were a face in pop culture then maybe it wouldn’t matter but you are and you some how have a fan base that includes young kids. And then the caption makes it worse, “This nug look like a skull or am I just hallucinating…?” You actually think you’re NOT gonna get some shit for that? What’s wrong with you? A bunch of comments came up saying stuff like “Wow wat a good influence you are on young girls… not” and “I dont understand what she trying to prove through pics of drug everyday.” And what does the pop artists do? She posts another picture with the caption, “I DON’T REALLY GIVE A F-K.” Well then… HORRIBLE MISTAKE.

Texas Chainsaw in 3D… I can’t even begin to express… HORRIBLE MISTAKE! Why, why, why?

Last week Fox Entertainment Chief said a lot of “us” have our head up our asses. Oh but wait, NBC says they don’t! “That may be true of other places. I can guarantee you, we don’t have our heads up our asses,” says NBC Rep Greenblatt. “Last year I came out here and admitted we had a bad fall,” Greenblatt continued. “I’m not saying that this year … CBS is down 13 percent, ABC is down 4 percent and Fox is down 23 percent. We all know CBS still beats us among total viewers, but we’re now a clear No. 2 we were a distant fourth a year ago.” So basically, NBC is back on top they’re talking shit about other networks. “[CBS] Criminal Minds is worse than Dexter ever was.” Did you really just say that? Because I watch both shows and that statement makes NO sense. Congratulations NBC you made the HORRIBLE MISTAKES list of 2013.

Now, there are plenty of other things I could go on and on about, however, I think these were the most obvious and really hysterical. Do you have any horrible mistake suggestions? Leave a comment below!